• Publication date: 14/12/2017
  • eBook ISBN: 9781911440222
A Yellowthread Street Mystery 11

Head First

William Marshall

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Not even the dead can escape the Resurrection squad.

A Chinese coffin surfaces in Hong Bay. Wrapped in a shroud, a headless body drifts out from under its lacquered lid. Forensics reports that the neck was coated with animal glue. Whatever was stolen from the casket, it was not a human head. Then the grave robbing begins.

There are few crimes the citizens of Hong Bay fear more than the desecration of the dead. Murder only lasts a moment, death is for eternity.

This thrilling instalment of the series, set in the shadow of the Hong Kong handover to the Chinese, Detectives Christopher O’Yee and Harry Feiffer find themselves trapped between clashing cultures: British and Chinese, spies and police, Nationalists and Communists, and of the living and the dead.

The crime fighting duo have solved some of the most bizarre and horrific cases imaginable. This one may prove their darkest yet.

The eleventh book in William Marshall’s classic series is his most political so far, and takes the cops of Yellowthread Street into unfamiliar and dangerous territory.

Praise for the Yellowthread Street series:

“Marshall has the rare gift of juggling scary suspense and wild humor and making them both work.” Washington Post Book World

“Marshall’s style – blending the hilarious, the surreal, and the poignant – remains inimitable and not easily resisted.” San Francisco Chronicle

Marshall has few peers as an author who melds the wildest comedy and tragedy in narratives of nonstop action.” Publishers Weekly

“Marshall is building a growing, iconoclastic body of work that mixes weird fantasy [and] wayward characterization . . . to produce a subtle, charged, atmospheric, lush fiction hybrid sure to satisfy those with a taste for mysteries on the far edges.” Philadelphia Inquirer

“Despite the wild humor, Marshall’s stories contain excellent police procedure, real suspense, and fine irony . . . incessantly scary.” Chicago Tribune

Among the best police procedural series on the market.” Detroit Free Press

“As an inspired poet of the bizarre, [Marshall] orchestrates underlying insanity into an apocalyptic vision of the future.” New York Times Book Review

“Marshall’s novels feature seemingly supernatural events that turn out to have logical, if not precisely rational, origins. He has savage fun with police procedure.” TIME

Nobody rivals Marshall’s ability to expose the links between comic hysteria and the most mundane human foibles, from greed to cowardice to simple funk.” Kirkus Reviews

“Moves at the speed of a bullet; don’t read it aloud or you’ll run out of breath.” Chicago Sun-Times

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