Split Code (ebook)

A Dolly Mystery

Dorothy Dunnett



To all appearances Joanna Emerson is a fully qualified, gold-medalled graduate of the world’s finest college of Nursery Nurses …

Engaged as a nanny to Benedict, newly born heir to a vast cosmetic fortune, she becomes caught up in a complex kidnap plot. But the enigmatic portrait painter, yachtsman and former spy, Johnson Johnson is never far away – and he knows the dangerous game she’s playing.

Before long, bullets are flying, and most of them in Joanna’s direction.

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Buy series direct

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‘The Dolly novels are… delicious, funny, ingenious, glamorous, clever.’ 

‘Dunnett tempts her fans with buried clues and red herrings that keep them reading and rereading the books.’ 

‘[Dunnett’s] women are among her strongest characters.’

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