Dover Goes to Pott (ebook)

A Dover Mystery

Joyce Porter



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Detective Chief Inspector Wilfred Dover is the most idle and avaricious hero in all of crime fiction. Why should he even be bothered to solve the case?

The town of Pott Winckle owes its prosperity to the firm of Wibbley Ware. Naturally, when the owner’s daughter is murdered, the call goes out for Scotland Yard’s finest. Once again, Dover is off, the reluctant Sergeant MacGregor in tow.

All Dover has to do to clinch this one is settle back in Wibbley’s Rolls Royce, perhaps bend a bit of evidence, or maybe a few fingers. Oddly enough – and not for the first time – his methods result in something resembling a solution.

Editorial reviews:

“Something quite out of the ordinary.” Daily Telegraph

“Joyce Porter is a joy… Dover is unquestionably the most entertaining detective in fiction.” Guardian

“Plotted with the technique of a virtuoso.” New York Times

“Wonderfully funny.” Spectator

 “Dover is wildly, joyously unbelievable; and may he remain so for our comic delight.” Sun

“You will be fascinated by his sheer dazzling incompetence. Porter has a keen eye, a wicked sense of comedy, and a delightfully low mind.” Harper’s


Buy series direct

Buy series direct

Including for Kindle

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