Live Bait (ebook)

A Tom Knight Mystery

Charlie Hodges



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Nothing is as it seems, as private investigator Tom Knight finds himself taken in by someone with a secret

Knight’s surveillance work has dried up and he’s reduced to accepting a gig as a life model for a reclusive painter. When she’s found dead in the same location as a suspicious death 30 years earlier, instinctively he knows they’re connected – but cannot find the proof.

Enter a bewitching pole dancer in her sixties who puts Knight on the trail of priceless stolen Chinese art, shady dealings in a country house – and a dangerous con man. Even with decades of experience, he finds himself unexpectedly in the grip of events, and at the business end of a shotgun.

Proving that you’re just as young as you feel, the Tom Knight mysteries combine delicious comedy with a precision engineered plot.

Buy series direct

Buy series direct

Including for Kindle

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