Picture Miss Seeton (ebook)

A Miss Seeton Mystery

Heron Carvic



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‘A most beguiling protagonist!’ NEW YORK TIMES

The classic British cosy mystery series – Meet Miss Emily Seeton, an art teacher with an unexpected talent…

When Miss Seeton walks out after a performance of Carmen and witnesses a real-life stabbing, all she can recall is a shadowy figure. But how could she have guessed that her latest artistic endeavour is a picture-perfect portrait of the killer?

Her sketch puts her in a perilous position, for back at her recently inherited cottage in Plummergen village, she’s fated to be a sitting duck . . . for murder most foul!

Meet Miss Emily D. Seeton: this retired art teacher steps in where Scotland Yard stumbles. Armed with only her sketch pad and umbrella, she is every inch an eccentric English spinster and the most lovable and unlikely master of detection.

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Buy series direct

Buy series direct

Including for Kindle

‘Miss Seeton is a star!’ DETROIT NEWS

‘Not since Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple has there been a more lovable female dabbler in crime and suspense.’ AMARILLO NEWS


‘For those who like a bit of fun in their mystery stories a new Miss Seeton yarn is always welcome. Heron Carvic once more provides his readers with a host of chuckles while at the same time assuring plenty of action.’ LEWISTON JOURNAL

‘Light, zany, this novel is peopled by several genuine human beings you hate to see go.’ HOUSTON POST

‘I think, on the whole, Miss Seeton is the most loveable and entertaining of any of today’s fiction detectives. May she live forever.’ LONDON MYSTERY SELECTION

‘Fun to be had with a full cast of endearingly zany villagers… and the ever gently intuitive Miss Seeton.’ KIRKUS REVIEWS

‘Depth of description and lively characters bring this English village to life.’ PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

‘This is not so much black comedy as black-currant comedy… You can’t stop reading. Or laughing.’ THE SUN

‘Miss Seeton gets into wild drama with fine touches of farce… This is a lovely mixture of the funny and the exciting.’ SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

‘A most beguiling protagonist!’ NEW YORK TIMES

‘Miss Seeton is the most delightfully satisfactory character since Miss Marple.’ OGDEN NASH

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4 reviews for “Picture Miss Seeton (ebook)

  1. Sheri O'Neill on

    I’m going to start this off by saying that I do have a big partiality to murder mysteries set in English villages/small towns. This book did not disappoint. It was funny, the author gave the reader a good view of the village and did a great job describing the characters, their characteristics/idiosyncrasies, and how no matter whether they agree with one another or disagree, her fellow villagers pull together as a village and support one another. Miss Seeton’s arrival came with mixed feelings, although I think she has already made some very close lifelong friends.

    It was a fantastic mystery and I really enjoyed reading it. I finished it all in one day, and trust me, there are not many books like that that I can put down. I strongly recommend this to lovers of cozies and British themed novels.

  2. Ellen Firer on

    The first in a series written by a now deceased author, this cozy mystery is a delight. Miss Seeton, aka the Battling Brolly, is a retired art teacher who becomes embroiled in a small town’s drug problems after inheriting a house in the village. With the requisite quirky characters, the story is filled with humor. I loved it.

  3. Nancy Cunningham on

    Miss Seeton is a tonic for whatever may be bothering you. I’m embarking on a major project; awaiting approvals; hitting roadblocks; and just want to escape from it all. Voila! Miss Seeton arrived and transported me to another time, another place, and someone else’s challenges. It was wonderful!

    I have been a fan of “cozy” mysteries for years. I don’t expect depth. I don’t expect great literature. I do expect characters that will engage me and situations that will entertain me. Picture Miss Seaton does all of that. It is well-written and fun and introduces a character that can not help but make the reader smile.

    She is not as wise and wily as Miss Marple, but her intuition is sound – even if she doesn’t know where it is taking her. She has a penchant for falling into perilous situations and wiggling out as smoothly as Houdini. Yes this is fun and frivolous and not a book for serious “crime” readers. But, it gave me everything I could hope for in a light mystery: a full day’s escape and entertainment.


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