Perfect Harvest (ebook)

The Transplant Tetralogy

Bill Fitzhugh



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Given a terminal diagnosis (actually two of them) thirty-five year old Miguel Padilla decides he must accomplish something meaningful before death. He seizes on the idea of donating a kidney to save someone’s life.

Then he decides: why stop there? Why not donate… everything? 

Why not indeed?

Reviews of the Transplant Tetralogy series

“His wit and style are as compelling as his tightly wound thriller plots, and his thoughts on the world we live in are fascinating and, often, spot on … An awe-inspiring feat.” Washington Post

“Fitzhugh’s stuff is unique. It’s also alarmingly accurate. That’s what makes it so good.” Clarion-Ledger

“Bill Fitzhugh just gets better and better.” Christopher Moore

“A thrilling tale of science run amok … laugh-out-loud send-ups of the madness of modern life.” Booklist

“Fast, funny, deft action … You have to experience it, hanging on tight and keeping those pages turning.” New Orleans Times-Picayune

“Where Bill Fitzhugh earned his Ph.D. in street smarts is a mystery. The wicked sense of humor he must have been born with.” Dallas Morning News

“Genuinely funny … his satiric eye spares no one.” Publishers Weekly

Buy series direct

Buy series direct

Including for Kindle

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