Big Bamboo (ebook)

A Serge Storms Adventure

Tim Dorsey



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The world’s most lovable serial killer is back. During this latest cavalcade of nonstop felonies, Serge Storms finds time to resurrect his obsession with movies, particularly those showcasing his beloved Florida. And he wants answers! Why aren’t more films shot there? How come the ones that are stink so bad?

Naturally, Serge, accompanied by his substance-sustained sidekick, Coleman, must immediately hop a transcontinental flight to straighten out Hollywood once and for all. But, of course, being Serge, his mission is sidetracked by perpetual detours to irresistible celluloid landmarks . . . and intrigue.

Welcome to Tim Dorsey’s slice of America – where nobody gets out unscathed and untanned!

What people are saying about Serge Storms:

Over-the-top, off-the-wall, too-much-is-never-enough, Florida insanity was never described so authentically and with such enthusiasm.”

Humor really doesn’t get better than this. Dorsey has a style all to his own that is simply not replicated anywhere.”

“Serge and Coleman are a match made in heaven and I am still laughing … truly a great read and I can’t wait to delve into more of Dorsey’s work.”

“This is Pulp Fiction on steroids with an acid tab chaser. There is insanity on every page and every page is a good time. Twists and turns, and some of the most creative homicidal mayhem I have ever read.”

“… for pure pleasure and entertainment you just can’t beat the maniacal style of the Serge Storm series.”

Editorial reviews:

“Hilarious. … Serge Storms is, hands down, one of the most original and just-plain-captivating characters in modern crime fiction.” Booklist

“Entertaining … funny … irreverent and loving at the same time … [Dorsey] leaves the reader gasping for breath.” Washington Post Book World

“The characters in Tim Dorsey’s raucous novel would be shot on sight in any other state.” The New York Times Book Review

“Excellent … I almost exploded with laughter as I read Dorsey’s novel. It’s manic, hysterical, and puts Dorsey well up there with the cream of comic writers who seem to have made Florida the centre for satirizing America in the 21st century.” Independent

Twisted hilarity … a compelling page-turner … Tim Dorsey is one sick bunny.” Belfast News Letter

Buy series direct

Buy series direct

Including for Kindle

“In Serge Storms, the convivial, schizoid torturer with an encyclopedic knowledge of Florida, Dorsey has created a truly lovable loon.”

Birmingham Post

“The characters in Tim Dorsey’s raucous novel would be shot on sight in any other state.”

The New York Times Book Review

“A good writer with plenty to say … To Dorsey’s eye, the Florida [that] residents love is awash in racism, smut, dope, corruption, and casual murderous violence. You can tell he loves it still.”



Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Hilarious . . . Dorsey’s prose scampers at a rate just this side of manic . . . Fans of the fast-read, you have met your match. As for the rest of you, just don’t wonder why everyone else is laughing.”

Tampa Tribune

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