Such Big Teeth (ebook)

The Darkwood Series

Gabby Hutchinson Crouch



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If you go down to the woods today, be sure of a big surprise.

The Battle of Nearby Village is over, and deep in the Darkwood, Gretel and her friends journey into the hostile mountains of the north, seeking new allies in their fight against the huntsmen. There they find Gilde the Bear Witch, along with a Werewolf named Scarlett and a winged man named Hex. Meanwhile, Hansel and Daisy set off on a dangerous trip of their own to the Citadel, where they end up in the middle of a political battle for the future of the whole country.

Can Gretel and her friends persuade Gilde to join forces, or at least stop fighting them at every step? Can Hansel find a way to heal the land’s divisions and make the huntsmen change their ways before disaster strikes them all? And how did Trevor the spider get hold of a wig? Discover the answers to all these questions and more in Such Big Teeth.

Venture into the Darkwood in this modern fairy tale that will bewitch adults and younger readers alike.

Buy series direct

Buy series direct

Including for Kindle

‘Gabby is one of the funniest writers I know.’ SARAH MILLICAN

‘…very funny. If you like Terry Pratchett, or think gothic fairytales should have more LOLs, “tis the book for ye.”’ GREG JENNER

‘I have read this and it is great. Pratchetty fun for all the family.’ LUCY PORTER

‘…magical, surprising and funny.’ JAN RAVENS

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