• Publication date: 22/08/2019
  • Paperback ISBN: 9781788421775
  • eBook ISBN: 9781788421737
  • Audiobook ISBN: 9781788423939
Classic Canning 5

Fly Away Paul

Victor Canning

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How far could you go living in another’s shoes?

In a mid-life moment, Paul Morison travels from America to England to discover his mother’s roots. A chance encounter and uncanny resemblance leads him to agree to assume the identity of a famous singer for a while. But it’s not just the unnerving attentions of the adoring public that he must deal with.

Seeking to regain his freedom, Paul flees the length of Britain from Southampton to the Scottish Isles. On the run, he discovers he has let himself in for much more than he bargained.

This gentle comic caper and love story was hugely popular on first publication in the 1930s and retains a timeless appeal today.

Praise for Victor Canning:

‘Quite delightful … with an atmosphere of quiet contentment and humour that cannot fail to charm.’ Daily Telegraph

‘There is such a gentle humour in the book.’ Daily Sketch

‘What counts for most in the story … is his mounting pleasure in vagabondage and the English scene.’ The Times

‘A paean to the beauties of the English countryside and the lovable oddities of the English character.’ New York Times

‘His delight at the beauties of the countryside and his mild astonishment at the strange ways of men are infectious.Daily Telegraph

‘A swift-moving novel, joyous, happy and incurably optimistic.’ Evening Standard

‘His gift of story-telling is obviously innate. Rarely does one come on so satisfying an amalgam of plot, characterisation and good writing.’ Punch


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