Miss Harris in the New World (ebook)

The Company of Fools

Peter Maughan



The Red Lion production of Love and Miss Harris is booked to tour America, opening in Manhattan.

On arrival the group finds that it’s not the Manhattan with the Great White Way of Broadway at its glittering heart, but the part between the Bowery and the East River, on the Lower East Side, in a vaudeville venue owned by a local mobster. And when members of a rival gang decide to disrupt the play, the action shifts from the theatre’s state to its auditorium…

Determined to fulfil the rest of their tour dates, the company heads west from New York. Try as they might to shake it off, trouble seems to follow them wherever they go.

 What readers are saying about LOVE AND MISS HARRIS (The Company of Fools, Book 1)

A cast of wonderful characters brings this story of life and love, and all the troubles that brings with it to magical fruition in this wonderful storyI highly recommend this to anyone who likes stories that engage and entertain.’

‘The writing is smart and witty. The author describes details including scenery, clothing and food beautifully… makes me want to be amongst the beauty again.

A very pleasant and interesting story about days gone by.’

Category: Social comedy

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