• Publication date: 27/06/2019
  • Paperback ISBN: 9781788421294
  • eBook ISBN: 9781788421317
The Batch Magna Chronicles 3

The Batch Magna Caper

Peter Maughan

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In another memorable tale in the Batch Magna Chronicles, a hapless gang of crooks, led by self-styled criminal mastermind pawnbroker Harold Sneed, pull off ‘the big one’, a wages snatch at a factory in Shrewsbury. Two gang members take the money from there by train back to Birmingham, changing at a station almost on the doorstep of Sir Humphrey of Batch Hall.

It’s there that things start to unravel. The money goes missing. Misunderstanding follows misunderstanding, until it leads them to Batch Hall when everyone is busy with a historical re-enactment show. Among the replica firearms is a real gun, carried by Harold Sneed with murderous intent and Humphrey in mind.

Sneed is now convinced that Humphrey – an overweight former short-order cook from the Bronx – is a Mafia mobster laying low. And on top of this, he believes Humph has his money; as a result, the spectators for the re-enactment find that there’s an extra event on the programme.

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