• Publication date: 24/08/2017
  • Paperback ISBN: 9781911440529
  • eBook ISBN: 9781911440666
The Bandy Papers 8

Hitler Vs. Me

Donald Jack

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The years have flown away as fast as his head of hair, sadly for ex-WWI flying ace Bartholomew Bandy.

By the start of World War II he’s no longer a daredevil young pilot, but a balding forty-something, relegated to training younger men for the terrible battle against the Luftwaffe. Despite resorting to a firmly fixed toupée, he is hurtfully dismissed as too old for active service. They don’t want him.

But then, mysteriously, they do – and Bart is back where he belongs, in the cockpit of one of the super new Spitfires, ready to inflict plenty of damage. Some of it even on the enemy. There’s a quite jovial encounter with royalty. And yet he can only boast one over-sexed girlfriend, and one mortal enemy among the brass hats – he must be losing his touch.

With the blackest black comedy and seat-of-the pants escapades, Donald Jack’s series about an accident-prone pilot is uniquely funny and compelling.

What people are saying about The Bandy Papers:

“Reading can lead to involuntary bursts of loud laughter.”

“Very descriptive, full of air combats and written with a fine eye for period detail . . . there is quite simply no finer book of its kind. Highly recommended.”

“It is clear that Bandy likely should’ve been killed several times, but very likely the Grim Reaper was laughing too hard to hold his scythe straight . . .”

Hysterically funny! . . . each book is another installment in the continuing saga of a Canadian and his adventures in war, the world, and women.”

“I have yet to find another author with the wit and humor of Donald Jack.”

Editorial reviews:

“Jack does more than play it for laughs . . . The mingling of humor and horror is like a clown tap-dancing on a coffin, but Jack is skillful enough to get away with it.” Time Magazine

“Funny. Very. Donald Jack has as light a touch with this fragile art as his hero has on throttle of a Sopwith Camel. Excessive corn is avoided in favour of wit and a delight in life.” New York Times

“Bartholomew Bandy is the most remarkable hero (or anti-hero) since Harold Lloyd impersonated the Freshman.” Chicago Tribune

To know Bandy is to love him . . . you tend to gallop through and come hurtling out at the end panting for more.” The Sunday Sun

“For those to whom Bandy is a newcomer, what a treat is in store.” Toronto Star

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