• Publication date: 19/10/2017
  • eBook ISBN: 9781788420716
A Miss Seeton Mystery 999

The Miss Seeton Series

Books 4-5 and Prequel

Heron Carvic, Hamilton Crane

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This collection brings together the fourth and fifth adventures in the Miss Seeton Mysteries series by Heron Carvic, plus the series prequel by Hamilton Crane. While a picture may paint a thousand words, for this lovable retired art teacher, a sketch can catch a thousand criminals . . .

Miss Seeton Sings (Book 4) Miss Seeton boards the wrong plane and lands amidst a gang of European counterfeiters. One false note, and her new destination is deadly indeed.

Odds on Miss Seeton (Book 5) Miss Seeton in diamonds and furs at the roulette table? It’s all a clever disguise for the high-rolling spinster . . . but the game of money and murder is all too real.

Miss Seeton’s Finest Hour (A Prequel) War-time England, and a young Miss Emily Seeton’s suspicious sketches call her loyalty into question—until she is recruited to uncover a case of sabotage.

Retired art teacher Miss Seeton steps in where Scotland Yard stumbles. Armed with only her sketch pad and umbrella, she is every inch an eccentric English spinster and the most endearing and unlikely master of detection.

What people are saying about Miss Seeton:

“Miss Seeton is a hoot! I was torn between laughter and eye rolling with each page turn. The characters are loveable and thoroughly British. This is a perfect specimen of classic British mystery.“

What a joy Miss Seeton is. Why did I wait so long to read them? Splashy characters, lovely setting, and just plain funny.”

“I’ve become a Miss Ess addict. Great characters that get better with each book. A must for anyone who loves a good British cozy with a twist, and surprising revelations of what a good brollie can do in a pinch.”

“What a great series. This is one of the best in English light reading mysteries.”

“Miss Seeton is a delightful sendup of the amateur sleuth. If your doctor has prescribed laughter as the best medicine, run and buy the entire series as fast as you can.”

Editorial reviews:

“A most beguiling protagonist!New York Times

“Miss Seeton gets into wild drama with fine touches of farce . . . This is a lovely mixture of the funny and the exciting.” San Francisco Chronicle

“This is not so much black comedy as black-currant comedy . . . You can’t stop reading. Or laughing.” The Sun

Depth of description and lively characters bring this English village to life.” Publishers Weekly

“Fun to be had with a full cast of endearingly zany villagers . . . and the ever gently intuitive Miss Seeton.” Kirkus Reviews

“Miss Seeton is the most delightfully satisfactory character since Miss Marple.” Ogden Nash

“I think, on the whole, Miss Seeton is the most loveable and entertaining of any of today’s fiction detectives. May she live forever.” London Mystery Selection

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