• Publication date: 28/09/2017
  • Paperback ISBN: 9781911440871
  • eBook ISBN: 9781911440437

Doorways in the Sand

Roger Zelazny

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The most playful – and arguably most accessible – novel by the master of inventive science fiction. 

Humanity is not alone in the cosmos. The aliens have given a precious relic to the people of Earth: star-stone. But the harmony of the galaxy is endangered when they discover that the star-stone has disappeared.

Likeable Fred Cassidy is an eternal undergraduate. All he thinks he knows about the star-stone is that it came to Earth in an interplanetary trade for the Mona Lisa and the British Crown jewels.

When Fred is accused of stealing the cosmic artefact, he is pursued from Australia to Greenwich Village and beyond, by telepathic psychologists, extra-terrestrial hoodlums and galactic police in disguise. Follow him on his adventures as he enters multiple realities, flipping in and out of alien perspectives, through doorways in the sand

Praise for Doorways in the Sand:

“A wonderful book from Zelazny’s best period – with a rollercoaster plot and some terrific jokes.”

If you’ve never read it, you really must. Come one – there’s a talking wombat. Need I say more?”

Doorways in the Sand is vintage Zelazny, which is to say it is like taking a course in philosophy while crawling about between the gargoyles on the cathedral of Life, dodging the slings and death-rays of outrageous villains, some of them bug-eyed monsters.”

If you don’t like it I’m sorry to say there is something wrong with you, you may have to re-incarnate.”

Editorial reviews:

Ingenious.” The New York Times

“One of the highest tributes I have ever heard paid to a writer lies in the words of a young lady who said, ‘I knew, halfway through the second paragraph, that I was in good hands.’ Science fiction has produced many such hands, and I genuinely envy those who encounter Roger Zelazny.” Theodore Sturgeon, The New York Times Book Review

“That rarest of creatures in science fiction, the original character, emerges in Roger Zelazny’s Doorways in the Sand.” Chicago Daily News