"I loved every word, and all the musical delights woven into the story."  ★★★★★
— Amazon reader review

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Spem in Alium as you've never heard it before

When not conducting Stockwell Park Orchestra, Eliot Yarrow can be found singing baritone.

But in one performance of Spem in Alium by Thomas Tallis, even he isn’t prepared for what can happen on a church balcony in the name of art.

Forty singers and an audience that isn’t afraid to get involved: what, as they say, can possibly go wrong?

"I was charmed … a very enjoyable read."

— Marian Keyes,
on book 1 in the Stockwell Park Orchestra series

A Word from the Publisher

"You know how some books just instantly make you smile? Our aim as a publisher is to help you find fiction that gets you laughing. And where better to start than with the STOCKWELL PARK ORCHESTRA series."