Classic Canning

Victor Canning had a runaway success at a young age with his first book, Mr Finchley Discovers His England, and lost no time in writing more. Prior to the Second World War, he wrote half a dozen life-affirming novels, including two further Mr Finchley adventures, each of which retains a timeless appeal today.
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The Batch Magna Chronicles

Welcome to Batch Magna, a village in the borderlands of the Welsh Marches, in a river valley lost among its ancient wooded hillsides and twisting high-banked lanes on a road to nowhere in particular, and in no particular hurry to get there. Peopled with eccentric characters, Peter Maughan’s Batch Magna is a unforgettable place where seemingly almost anything is possible…
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The Bandy Papers

Donald Jack’s blackly humorous Bandy Papers are classics of their kind. Opening with Bartholomew Bandy’s life in Canada shortly before leaving for Europe and the First World War, the “memoirs” follow his adventures through the war as a flying ace and into the 20s and 30s, with the last books carrying him into World War Two. When not busy avoiding death, winning medals, or oscillating through ranks like a yo-yo, Bandy spends his time driving his superior officers into apoplectic fits.
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