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A Cherry PI Mystery

Brentwood, Essex, is no ordinary town: it's the home of Britain's most famous - or infamous - reality TV stars. In The Cherry PI Mysteries, Cherry Hinton uncovers (often literally) the truth about all sorts of seedy TV goings-on. It's Miss Marple meets TOWIE, a mystery as compulsive as Love Island, with a hilarious sleuth you won’t be able to forget.
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Classic Canning

Victor Canning had a runaway success at a young age with his first book, Mr Finchley Discovers His England, and lost no time in writing more. Prior to the Second World War, he wrote half a dozen life-affirming novels, including two further Mr Finchley adventures, each of which retains a timeless appeal today.
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The Batch Magna Chronicles

Welcome to Batch Magna, a village in the borderlands of the Welsh Marches, in a river valley lost among its ancient wooded hillsides and twisting high-banked lanes on a road to nowhere in particular, and in no particular hurry to get there. Peopled with eccentric characters, Peter Maughan’s Batch Magna is a unforgettable place where seemingly almost anything is possible…
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A Mathematical Mystery

Welcome to a murky and unpredictable world of murder, mystery and complex equations, involving internet conspiracy theorists, hedge fund managers, the Belarusian mafia, one very disaster-prone disgraced PR executive and a cat called µ.

NOTE: Bad Day in Minsk not included in bundle until 8 April 2021.

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Battlestar Suburbia

When Darren Stubbs accidentally short-circuited a robot with his signet ring he expected to go to prison. He never expected a chance encounter with a talking lamppost and a backstreet technician called Kelly to topple machine rule and bring the Internet back into the real world. Welcome to Battlestar Suburbia, a uniquely subversive science fiction series that will delight fans of Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett and Jasper Fforde.
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The No. 2 Feline Detective Agency

Meet Hettie Bagshot, a long-haired tabby cat whose whiskers twitch at the first sign of a mystery, and her best friend Tilly Jenkins. Together, they run the No. 2 Feline Detective Agency, and nothing will stop them from untangling each brain-teasing case that comes their way – though there’s always time for one of Beryl Butter’s pies along the way, of course.


NOTE: A Pocket Full of Pie not included in bundle until 11 March 2021.

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