A Serge Storms Adventure Series Bundle (ebook)



  • Florida Roadkill (ebook)

  • Hammerhead Ranch Motel (ebook)

  • Orange Crush (ebook)

  • Triggerfish Twist (ebook)

  • Stingray Shuffle (ebook)

  • Cadillac Beach (ebook)

  • Torpedo Juice (ebook)

  • Big Bamboo (ebook)

  • Electric Barracuda (ebook)

  • Pineapple Grenade (ebook)

  • Riptide Ultra-Glide (ebook)

  • Tiger Shrimp Tango (ebook)

  • Shark Skin Suite (ebook)

  • Coconut Cowboy (ebook)

  • Clownfish Blues (ebook)

  • Pope of Palm Beach (ebook)

  • No Sunscreen for the Dead (ebook)

  • Naked Came the Florida Man (ebook)

  • When Elves Attack (ebook)

  • Tropic of Stupid (ebook)

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