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24/11/2017 | POSTED BY Abbie

We’re delighted to post a series of guest blogs from our author Hamilton Crane, also known as Sarah J. Mason to her friends and family. In this post, Sarah introduces us to the Miss Seeton audiobooks.

When Miss Seeton’s new publishers Farrago first raised the idea of audiobooks, I was delighted. I listen to a fair number of audiobooks, and already had some ideas on possible readers for the series. When the recording studio came up with their own suggestions there was one name on both lists: Phyllida Nash!

I had first heard Phyllida reading the work of Georgette Heyer, and it was clear that she researched her text thoroughly before sitting in front of the microphone – something not every reader remembers to do, I suspect. When Farrago Books gave me the chance to discuss the characters with her she explained that, although she had already studied Picture Miss Seeton, she wanted to read it through once more before starting the recordings. She wanted to make sure she had chosen just the right voices for the characters – which I believe she did, as I hope you’ll agree.

You can listen to 5-minute samples on the Audible website. Each sample comes from the start of the book, so in the Picture Miss Seeton sample you’ll hear Phyllida’s voice for Miss Seeton herself, as well as her narrator’s voice. The Witch Miss Seeton sample gives you Chief Inspector Brinton and, towards the end, Superintendent Delphick and Sergeant Ranger, while in the sample from Miss Seeton Quilts the Village you’ll hear her Lady Colveden voice, another of my particular favourites.

Click the links above to find out more about these books, available now from Audible, Amazon, iTunes and Kobo.

You can find out more about Sarah J. Mason by visiting the Hamilton Crane author page on Goodreads – see you there!  

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