• Publication date: 06/09/2018
  • eBook ISBN: 1435488952
Scoundrels 2

The Hunt for Hansclapp

Major Victor Cornwall, Major Arthur St. John Trevelyan

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Revolving around the infamous gentlemen’s club of London, SCOUNDRELS: THE HUNT FOR HANSCLAPP continues the combative joint memoirs of adventurer-spies, Major Cornwall and Major Trevelyan.

In this second volume, the Majors recount tales of kidnapping in the Congo, manslaughter on the Orient Express and romance at the Stasi’s Christmas Party. The Majors are reeling from a series of devastating attacks by their Moriarty-like nemesis, Gruber Hansclapp, who is exacting an unspeakably horrific revenge, even by the Majors’ standards. They must also adapt to their new roles as fathers to peculiar and exceptional offspring.

Historically accurate, morally questionable and absolutely true, SCOUNDRELS is one part Flashman to two parts Mordecai Trilogy stirred vigorously and dashed in the face of Ian Fleming. It will leave you with a nasty taste in your mouth, and horribly hungover.

Editorial reviews:

Immensely satisfying… a panda-hunting, Everest-climbing, Nazi castle-storming adventure!” Daily Telegraph

“Right from page one, you love Major Victor Cornwall and Major Arthur St John Trevelyan… lt’s the book’s exquisite over-the-topness that keeps you coming back for more.” The Chap Magazine

“I cannot stress enough how much I loved this book! If you are wondering what to read next please, please, PLEASE make it this book. I literally laughed out loud on so many occasions with this book. Each chapter outdoes the previous with hilarity, vulgarity and naughtiness.” Elise & Her Books

“What a hilarious little riot of a read!Books on the 7:47

“Like some sort of insane mash-up of Flashman and the Mighty Boosh, Scoundrels is a masterpiece of comedy storytelling that will have you not so much turning the pages as desperately flipping them to get to Cornwall and Trevelyan’s next insane episode.” Arnold Widdowson, Perrier Award Winner & Producer of Crackanory

Quite simply hilarious.” The Book Show, Talk Radio Europe

Made me laugh out loud in the first couple of pages alone. Even though I have a pile of unread books as tall as a giraffe on steroids and stilts, this has now skipped the queue.” Chinbeard Books

“Scoundrels Volume One is completely hilarious.” + ‘Best Books To Give For Xmas List’, Riff Raff Podcast

“You will absolutely love this breath of fresh air… accept this book for what it is: pure entertainment value… loosen up and be prepared to laugh out loud.” Joy Corkery, Joyfulantidotes.com

“Seriously hilarious. The book I wish I could write. An ingeniously crafted farce that blunderbusses its way around the world in a rollicking mix of absurdity and brilliance.” Mark Time, author ‘Going Commando’

“Having produced and worked with Monty Python for over 40 years I get presented with a lot of books to comment on. I must say Scoundrels … keeps you reading till the last page.” Andre Jacquemin, Monty Python & Comic Strip Editor

“Excellent stuff, love it. It is a filthy romp of a thing, stuffed to the gunnels with drunkenness, debauchery and historically dubious deeds of derring-do.” Dan Waters, videojug.com

No swash left unbuckled, no cad outdone, this book is a filthy delight and the product of diseased minds.” Liz Rigbey, author ‘Summertime’ and ‘Total Eclipse’

“Kind of like Flashman on acid.” Bob Deis, Men’s Adventure Library

“Does a good job…wincingly relatable… not the heroes we need, but the heroes we deserve!Mr Hyde Magazine

“I’m laughing at just about every sentence, and simultaneously thrilled. This reminds me of Bond, The 39 Steps, Eric Ambler, Where Eagles Dare, Ripping Yarns and Victor. I’m halfway through and I can’t put it down. Essential.” Doktor Geraldo, Digital Pastiche

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